The TDCC Business Mentorship Program

TDCC Mentorship Program

The Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce has developed a community based Business Mentorship Program for entrepreneurs. The Business Mentorship Program is designed to help new and existing entrepreneurs succeed through the initial stages of business development.

Mentoring can increase a new or expanding business owner’s chances of success in reaching their goals through the sharing of advice, experience and knowledge of a more experienced business person. The new entrepreneurs (Mentees) will receive guidance from more experienced business people (Mentors), who will help them with what can sometimes be difficult business challenges.

Mentors from the local business community provide a supportive and nurturing relationship to new entrepreneurs, thus helping them navigate through some of the pitfalls involved in business start-ups and improving their chances of business and financial success.

The program provides one-on-one mentoring from experienced business owners and senior executives who have owned and/or managed a business.

This program is particularly beneficial to established businesses operating for a minimum of 6 months, entrepreneurs seeking rapid growth, or businesses facing challenging times as it will allow them to learn from the experience gained by those running established, successful companies.

Mentees will be matched with a Mentor by the Program Coordinator and will meet regularly for an agreed period.

For more information of the Mentorship Program
View our Program Overview in PDF OR Request an Interview with the Business Mentorship Coordinator.