Members Could Be Eligible to Save on Their Electricity Bills

Businesses save on average 1/3 off their electricity bills are you eligible?


The Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) is a government program that lowers electricity bills. In return for reducing their

consumption in peak hours, participating consumers lower their electricity bills by an average of one-third.


You may be eligible for the ICI program, opt-in deadline is JUNE 15! Contact your Local Distribution Company (LDC) now.


The ICI program is best suited for companies that can reduce their consumption during peak demand periods.

Who is Eligible?

  • Customers with a monthly average peak demand above 5 megawatt (MW). This reflects Ontario’s largest industrials (e.g., mines, steel mills, vehicle assembly plants, large chemical plants and pulp and paper facilities).* Customers in this category are automatically registered and must opt-out by June 15th.
  • Customers with a monthly average peak demand between 1 MW and 5 MW. This reflects medium-sized manufacturers (e.g., vehicle parts manufacturers, plastics manufacturers, food manufacturers, smaller chemical plants, lumber mills and larger greenhouses).
  • Customers with a monthly average peak demand of 500 kilowatt (kW) to 1 MW. This reflects small manufacturers with NAICS codes beginning with 31, 32, 33 and 1114 (e.g., metal fabricators, and greenhouses).

The Ontario Chamber Network has successfully advocated for the expansion of the ICI which is part of Ontario’s proposed Fair Hydro Plan. The plan would also deliver significant reductions for as many as half a million small businesses and farms.

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