At the Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce, our committees are key in bringing you the programs, services and advocacy we all enjoy and benefit from. The experience, learning, friendships and networks build pride in being part of a team. Working together to bring professional development and to help grow a strong business community are just a few of the rewards gained from being part of a committee. We encourage you to reach out and see what you can do. We thank all our committee volunteers and (their employers) for giving of their time to assist the Chamber in delivering it’s programs.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee shall enable the chamber to play an active role in economic development by:

1. Influencing policy development at all levels of government

2. Advocating on issues that affect the business community

3. Developing policy recommendations/resolutions for consideration by the Ontario and Canadian Chambers

Once policy issues have been identified, background information and potential impacts upon business and the community as a whole are prepared for the review of the Advocacy Committee.

The committee may:

a) Determine whether the issue is one which the chamber should address

b) Identify a possible position and forward a recommendation to the Board of Directors

c) Determine if more information is required and identify potential sources of this information

d) Strike a task force or ad hoc committee to review the issue in more depth before development of a position for the review by the Advocacy Committee followed by Board review

The level and amount of advocacy work required will depend upon the urgency, gravity and potential impact of each issue addressed.

Some issues may simply require a letter of support, or communication with representatives of agencies or governments to address the issue. Others may require use of additional tactics.

Still others may require the development of a policy resolution for the provincial or national chambers. Major issues may require the development of an advocacy campaign using an assortment of tactics.

The Board of Directors must approve any policy position adopted by the chamber.

Committee Members

  • Shane Curtis, Advocacy Chair, Curtis Wilcox
  • Chris Appleton, Director, TDCC Board; Good Redden Klosler, LLP
  • Andrew Burns, Committee Member, McFarlan Rowlands Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  • Matthew Esseltine, Vice President, TDCC Board; AgroSpray Limited
  • Jenny Good, Director, TDCC Board; Lawyer, Jenkins & Gilvesy Law Firm
  • Suzanne Renken, CEO, Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce
  • Kinga Sopronyi, Marwood Metal Fabrication Limited
  • Tyler Wood, Committee Member, Marwood Metal Fabrication Limited

Marketing and Communications Committee

This committee provides direction on the development and marketing of marketing and communication initiatives with the mandate to reinforce the Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce reputation as a leading Voice of Business in Tillsonburg and area.

Chamber members who have an interest in or are specialists in the fields of marketing, communications, writing, media relations, social media, and public relations are encouraged to volunteer on this committee.

The Committee’s goal is to develop ideas that will enhance membership value by recommending, encouraging and assisting in the profile building and communication tools for use by the Chamber to enhance its awareness and brand within the business community.

Program & Events Committee

The Program & Events Committee’s mandate is to initiate, promote and execute business programs and networking events for the benefit of our members.

This committee manages the planning and facilitating of all the Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce events which include but are not limited to our Business After Five’s, our Annual Awards of Excellence, our annual TDCC Open golf tournament, our Chamber Mentorship Workshop and Seminar series and all other events as decided upon by the Board of Directors.

Chamber members with an interest or experience in event planning, membership services and program development are welcome to participate on this committee.

The Committee’s goal is to continue to enhance the programming and to include more topics and events of interest to our diverse membership base.

Committee Members

  • Lindsay Tribble, Chair, President TDCC Board, On Our Way Massage Therapy
  • Julie Dawley, Town of Tillsonburg
  • Kelly Edmonds, Only Family Matters
  • Karen Northgraves, Arbonne
  • Stephanie Nevins, Past President, TDCC Board, Ingersoll LED Nurse Practioner Clinic
  • Suzanne Renken, CEO, TDCC
  • Megan Simmonds, RBC Royal Bank