Changing Workplaces Review -We need your help to do this…

We are ramping up our action on the Changing Workplaces Review and need your impact stories to strengthen our message and need your help to do this well. 

Please explain the impact of the following changes to your business – and if you could provide revenue cost assessments or identification of shrinking employees – that would be extremely helpful. All employers will be kept absolutely confidential but the stories will support our government relations and media relations efforts

Please select and respond to one or a few of these issues:

  • Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an hour
  • Having 1, 5, or 10 mandatory paid sick days for small businesses
  • Increasing the annual paid vacation to three weeks
  • Card based certification
  • Removing existing ESA sectoral exemptions (for example, for agriculture or IT
  • Changing common employer provisions (affecting franchises)
  • Maintaining the greater contractual or statutory right provision in the ESA
  • Changes to scheduling provisions
  • Removing the secret ballot for union certification
  • Responding to this report in the Star: “Reversing the onus on part-time work, by forcing employers to clearly demonstrate why it’s not a full-time, permanent job.  Too many companies now disguise regular employees as independent contractors or part-timers to avoid paying them full wages and benefits.”

Today, we had a piece in the Financial Post:

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I look forward to receiving your input. Please send your comments to