Access Free Training to Help Your Business Go Digital through the Recovery Activation Program

The Recovery Activation Program (RAP) is an immersive online workshop program that connects businesses with industry experts for guidance, mentorship and practical advice about process modernization and end-to-end digital transformation.
It is completely free for businesses and supports firms of any size across Ontario.
All participants will graduate from RAP with an expertly vetted Digital Transformation Blueprint which will detail a specific plan to attack each participant’s unique barriers to digital connectivity and will act as a highly practical tool throughout their digital restructuring.
RAP will ensure participants develop a holistic strategy to digital transformation. Participants will focus on five key pillars:
  • Digital Modernization: Harnessing technology to transform internal processes and enhance external business opportunities
  • Technological Hardware: Learning about digital capacity, backend hardware and risk mitigation techniques for a digital transformation
  • Structural and Regulatory Alignment: Exploring the legal tools and regulatory requirements for a successful digital restructuring
  • Digital Restructure Financing: Accessing the right mentors, investors, and resources to prepare businesses to undertake a restructuring
  • Marketing and Sales: Leveraging data-driven marketing and sales insights to inform a digital transformation.
Let us help your business reconnect.
Access training, mentoring and support
Receive curated mentoring and advice from current practitioners and leaders in their field to guide your business’ digital transformation.
Create a Digital Transformation Blueprint
Graduate with a professionally vetted Digital Transformation Blueprint providing a roadmap for your digital transformation.
Active Peer-to-Peer Network
Become part of a high-growth firm professional community through our active peer-to-peer network.
The estimated value of this program is over $40K – But thanks to generous funding from FedDev, we are able to offer it to Tillsonburg businesses at no cost.
Recruitment is currently open. Due to overwhelming response, August is now full but applications for September are currently open.
Please note: When filling in the application form, select “Other” as your nominating organization and indicate the Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce as the applicable Chamber.